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Free salary advance feature Standin mobile application

Your free salary advance within minutes


Get up to 200€ free cash advance at anytime, and pay us back whenever it suits your best. That easy.


Track your salary in real time. Because knowing how much you will earn should never be a surprise.


Become a money master with our free budgeting features. All your accounts in one place, the way you like them.


Improve your financial wellbeing and never feel stressed about unexpected expenses anymore.

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Your employees deserve the best benefit - salary on demand.

Instant salary access
Instant access

Your employees can access a part of their accrued salary instantly on their bank account. We front the money, zero impact on your cash flow.

Seamless integration with HR software
Seamless integration

No heavy lifting. We integrate quickly and easily with most payroll software without any change required on your side.

Fully customisable interface and settings
Fully customisable

Our solution works for everyone, but you can always decide to adjust settings to make it fit your organisation.


Boosts recruitment

employees say they’d choose an employer that offers financial benefits like salary on demand, budgeting, and automated savings tools over one that doesn’t.


Improves retention

reduction in turnover. When employees use Standin’s Salary on Demand along with budgeting features, they stay longer.


Huge savings

That’s how much you can save per employee per year by implementing salary on demand in your organisation.


Lower stress

employees report lower stress, more productivity and better control over their finances.

Bringing financial self-confidence to the world - one person at the time.

All your accounts in one place
All your accounts in one place

Connect your bank accounts and get a free cash advance in less than 5 minutes.

Budget alerts
Budget alerts

Protect yourself against overdraft with our real-time notifications.

Budget insights Standin mobile application
Spending insights
Spending insights

Get a full overview of your spending and discover ways to save more.

Real-time salary overview
Real-time salary overview

Track your earnings in real time with our super algorithm.

card to help you cover a bill

Need help covering a bill?
We’re here for you.

Your car broke down unexpectedly? We know the feeling.
Get a free salary advance to help you cover your bill.

Available 24/7. No interest, no fees, no catch.

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Peace of mind - included

When it comes to money, there's no room for compromise. Same applies to your personal data.

We've built Standin from the ground up with your security and privacy in mind.

Bank grade security
Safety and security
Tech that keeps you safe

We support face & touch ID, two-factor authentication and use 256-bit TLS encryption.

premium support via phone, chat or email
Real support by real humans

We are ready to help you via chat, phone, e-mail - you name it.

Safety of personal data
Personal data

We never share your data with any other parties without your consent.

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